Floral Services

FLOWERS are used in very many ways, whether it be to decorate your garden, to send as a gift, or to wear and carry as a bride. They are also part of the weekly supermarket shop, where stands are stacked high with identical blooms to grace your homes.

Have you ever given a thought to those flowers that you buy? You may be surprised to know that some are grown in faraway lands such as Costa Rica , Kenya and Ecuador. They have travelled many hundreds of miles to reach the UK. Growing flowers is not difficult with the right conditions. You need decent soil, sunshine and water. Many of the foreign imports are grown in extraordinary conditions that make them perfect and identical in every way……. one after another. "Not ours!” say Champier and Norbury.

Growing flowers in the United Kingdom in open countryside, within a meadow environment, beneath a hill in a wonderful location……. is not easy! Carol and Sarah have experienced howling winds and lashing rain and watched with dismay as a row of fragile seedlings can be beaten to a pulp in a spring hail storm . The elements can be ravaging and fatal to their field of flowers. Weeks of work can be destroyed in moments by rain, drought or insects. Some of these are imperative for the plants survival, whilst too much or too little can maim or destroy in a blink. Why do they amuse themselves with the challenges that they meet on a daily basis? …….Why, because they love flowers and plants of course! “It's entertaining, exhausting, sometimes filthy work, and yet it's amazing, wonderful and flipping awesome actually!" they both exclaim.

“How is it that a tiny little seed can be nurtured into something so incredible, or that you remember ....... for all of your life........ the fragrance of a posy of garden flowers you carried to school at the age of five?” they enthuse. Blooms can be blousy, stems can be wonky, and sizes irregular but every single flower is beautiful and gorgeous. Flowers can be fragrant, colourful, rich and vibrant. They are used to celebrate so many diverse occasions such as a birth, marriages, death and often simply forgiveness. “Working with flowers is a gift, a joy, a blessing" the girls (Carol and Sarah, that is) declare!

You are invited to come and choose your own flowers from the meadow under the hill and take them away to create your own arrangements for a church, for weddings or any event or celebration............ whatever your requirements. Alternatively “The Cotswold Flower Company” offer a BESPOKE FLORAL SERVICE.“ Having more than 25 years experience we are happy to create your dream, your memory, your gratitude and your success with our own glorious Cotswold grown flowers.”

Please contact Sarah Champier and Carol Norbury to discuss your requirements.