The Cutting Garden

The Cutting Garden started as a patch of grass. The dream was simply to create a beautiful, flower-filled garden that could produce cut flowers. At the outset there was no "end game" or "purpose" for the flowers.

Over the past six years beds devoted to dahlias, roses, climbers, perennials and annuals have been carved out of the turf. We don't grow what is typically found in a florist shop. Our flowers are more natural, perhaps have wonky stems but exude character and are fragrant. Small quantities of a large variety of flowers are grown so the effect is "floristry" as picked from a countryside garden.

It is a chemical-free space and a "closed loop" in that all residual green material is composted on site and returned to the beds. We are lucky that our soil is fertile and reasonably easy to work.

Although we are surrounded by floral and natural beauty, growing flowers is a "tough" gig. It calls for more passion and hard graft than sense! We work hand in hand with nature but nature is not always kind. We battle against driving winds, lack of rain and pests but despite all this........ it is a very productive space producing buckets and buckets of glorious blooms destined to bring joy.